What We Believe


As the name of the church suggests this fellowship centers in Jesus Christ. Jesus was the most important person who ever lived. He was God in the flesh as He came through a virgin. Thus it is our desire and mission to know Him, to be like Him, to represent Him, and to let Him live out His life again through us. Every decision is brought to Jesus and the shadow of His life shapes the direction and life of this church. We are not a part of a denomination, but for us it is simply about following Jesus.

When you speak of Jesus you can’t help but speak of His cross. His cross is the central event of history because it’s what makes possible a personal relationship with God our Father. As we lift Christ’s cross the power of God to save us from our sins becomes evident to all. It’s a reminder of our mutual need for a Savior and the healing He brings. Salvation is thus a free gift as it was fully paid for by Jesus’ sacrifice for us. As we respond to Him in trusting faith He saves us. Repentance, a confession of Jesus as Lord, and baptism are important as we respond to such a Great Savior. The cross then becomes a compass for all of life. The impact of the cross is not just a one-time event. Holding up the cross in every situation allows us to arrive at the center of God’s perfect will. As a church we unite at the foot of the cross and together we find joy in living it and sharing it with the whole world.

Real Community

Our uniting at the foot of the cross reminds us that we come together not as a group who has their act together but rather, the exact opposite. Often churches are falsely viewed by unbelievers as a place they could never fit in because their lives are so messed up. As a church, we very much desire the ongoing transformation of God but we understand this is a journey. All of us have weaknesses and shortcomings. This though is a place we can be honest about our struggles and failures without fear of rejection. We are fellow-strugglers who are walking with each other. This is a place you can bring your pain and expect to be loved and ministered to in the midst of your hurt. We believe in God’s power to heal and we believe in His ability to use us as His instruments of healing to one another. We expect God to change us as we surrender to Him, but no one receives judgment in the midst of that change but rather love. Intercessory prayer is a bedrock of this church as we see the need to constantly cry out to the Lord on each other’s behalf. Don’t feel you have to wear a mask for people to like you here. Come as you are and expect God’s love through us to help you. And understand that it is the power of Jesus’ resurrection that provides the basis for our change.


The Bible was inspired by God himself. It is thus our light for guidance and direction. When facing an issue of faith or life our question is “What does God’s Word say about it?” We do understand that our understanding of the Bible is imperfect so it is our desire to continually search the Scriptures in order to be more fully led by God. No matter of faith is unopen to a new exploration. Truth is not relative, but truth does not fear examination and so we with confidence are willing to relook at any issue of scripture. It is our desire to have an open heart and an open book as we journey toward heaven.

We also understand the purpose of God’s Word is to help us experience a personal relationship with God. We don’t study just to gain more knowledge but in order to see God more clearly and be drawn to Him in deep intimacy.

God-Encountering Worship

The deep longing of each of our hearts is to experience intimacy with God. As we come together as a family of believers it is our desire to come face to face with God and allow Him to change us. Nurturing the kind of environment that invites God to “show up” is one of our most important priorities. Secondly, our worship experiences are engaging. They invite each participant to encounter God and be transformed by Him. We come together to celebrate our faith in Jesus. We come together to celebrate His resurrection and power to change us. We celebrate our rescue by such a gracious Savior.

Prayerfully our worship as a collective body enhances our day to day worship throughout our lives. The encouragement and inspiration we gain together with God motivates us to present our bodies a living sacrifice to God which is our daily spiritual worship.

Holy Spirit-Led

We are not smart enough, nor powerful enough to lead this church. Only God through His Holy Spirit can direct us in the way we ought to go. Thus one of the staples for this church is intense prayer. Prayer for us is like breathing. We so sense our need for God and His guidance that we constantly cry out to Him to lead us, change us, and pick us up each time we fall. In our assemblies, ministries, and decisions we genuinely seek to be open to the direction of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit also indwells and empowers us as believers. His presence in our lives is a seal and guarantee that we are God’s children. The Holy Spirit gives each of us spiritual gifts (talents and abilities) to be used to help others.

Grace-Motivated Outreach

Those of us who are in Christ have been rescued from certain doom. We were in the pit of despair and God lifted us to a place of peace, security, and life. That reality more than any other is what motivates us to share this same “rescue mission” with others. The incredible ways God has blessed our lives are an inspiration and source of gratitude that leads us to joyfully share our story, deeply longing for others to experience the same blessing. God has called us to be a part of the greatest mission ever known to man: the mission of rescuing mankind from the depths of hell to the heights of eternal life with God in heaven. Jesus is now preparing a place for us and one day will come to bring us into God’s presence in Heaven.